'Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential' Workshop

Date & Time: September 27, Saturday 3:00pm to 5:00pm (GMT+8)

Live Webinar via Zoom

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Parenting Advice To New Moms, From A Proud & Happy Mom

(Strictly Only For Parents With Children Aged 0-3)

Build Up Your Child's Cognitive, Psychomotor & Socioemotional Skills Through Techniques Backed By 12 Years Of Research And Nurture Your Child Into An Early Bloomer... In Under 15 Months!

Come Attend This Free Workshop For New Parents

Who Want Their Child To Grow Into A Confident & Curious Learner


Parents, here’s what you’ll be learning at the 'Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential' Workshop:

√ How to develop Literacy, Articulation & Comprehension in your child by the age of 3

...So that your child will not struggle with reading comprehension early on

√ Proven techniques that will help your child express his thoughts well

...After just 6 months of applying the appropriate techniques in our P.I.E.S. System

√ Positively motivate your child to be a joyful and curious learner

...He'll be eager to learn about everything around him through fun activities that take less than 20 minutes a day

√ On top of nurturing your child’s literacy and articulation abilities...

...You’ll also learn how to raise a physically strong and healthy child

√ Plus… discover how to raise a confident and happy child

...Who will be comfortable with interacting with people!









'Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential' Workshop

Parenting will become a lot easier and less stressful once you learn these strategies!

Date & Time: September 27, Saturday 3:00pm to 5:00pm (GMT+8)

Live Webinar via Zoom

Login ID and password will be emailed to you upon registration online

Register For Your Free Place Now! Limited to 80 registrants only!

This Webinar Is Designed For Parents With Children Aged 0-3 Years Old

You Are Encouraged To Invite Your Spouse To Join You in This Webinar!

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Here’s What Our Happy Learner-Parents Have To Say After Applying These Strategies

“Two months into the Programme, Edward began to show a lot of improvement. When he was 11 months old, he could already follow multiple instructions."

I realised that his memory is also tremendously good. He could differentiate the different classical music composers which I had taught him.

The Programme is so rich, fun and enjoyable. I believe it helps to stimulate my son’s brain, and he is always curious asking “what’s that?”, “why?”, and “how?”

Vera, mother of Edward @ 15 months, enrolled at 9 months

“We started the Programme with TEBA when our son was 2 years old."

Before the Programme, Xuzhi was not following our instructions and he would not sit down to read with us.

He has improved so much after we started the programme. He is very interested and curious about everything around him now. And his vocabulary has improved by a lot.

Joanna & Jeff, parents of Xuzhi @ 28 months, enrolled at 24 months

 “It was fun and engaging. I could see the sparks in Chelsea’s eyes each time I do the P.I.E.S. Activities with her at home since birth." 

Chelsea is a confident girl, very discerning and she knows how to express her emotions well, speaking in proper full sentences. The things she says sometimes awe me. 

I am glad I found The Academy early… parenting Chelsea is so easy!

Sandy, mother of Chelsea @ 20 months, enrolled at birth

"Bastien was creeping before at 14 months and once we joined the Academy, he was able to walk confidently in just 4 months into the programme!"

The activities helped with his self-feeding, hand & eye coordination, etc. The programme cultivated his patience and he takes a growing interest to learn new things. He's always interested and enthusiastic about learning on his own and this is what we really hoped for in him!

Serene, mother of Bastien @ 20 months, enrolled at 14 months

Meet Patricia Zoey Tan - Your Trainer For This Workshop

Dear Parents,

Being a mother myself, I completely understand what it’s like to raise a child in a stressful and competitive environment like Singapore!

“Will my child be able to cope when he starts school?”
“How long before my child is actually able to start speaking?”
“What should I do to nurture a bond between my child and myself?”

Raphael was reading the moment he started talking at 18 months, when most other children only start reading at ages 4-5.

He was interested in solving complex problems by the age of 3.

Raphael was even able to hold a conversation with adults about volcanoes and the planets!

All these were not because I taught him how to read or made him sit down to learn A-B-C or phonics.

All I did was to engage Raphael in a systematic programme in growing the understanding of the early brain.

Today, the P.I.E.S. System is a proven system with evidence of outcome recognised my the learner-parents in our Academy. And I will be sharing more in the unique 'Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential' Workshop.

In this workshop, you will learn how to develop your child's brain… You will also learn how to nurture him to become a confident and curious learner!

The "Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential" Workshop empowers parents like yourself

with the techniques and strategies to nurture your child in a well-rounded manner.

Go beyond intellectual development, and improve your child’s physical health, social skills, empathy and sense of responsibility!


Benefits Your Child Will Experience After You Apply The Techniques That You'll Learn At The 'Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential' Workshop

Your child will be able to concentrate and focus on tasks that are given to him,

such as reading or doing craft - which will make it a lot less stressful for both you and your child.

Creativity will be developed, so your child will be able to understand and appreciate fine details, and even think of different solutions for difficult problems.

Overall, parenting becomes a lot easier and less stressful with your child… allowing you and your little one to nurture a deeper, more meaningful relationship!

3 Common Problems That Many Parents Face…

And How The 'Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential' Workshop Can Help

“My child is extremely hyper-active and lacks concentration… getting my child to concentrate is extremely difficult.”

Instead of scolding or punishing your child, you’ll learn how to develop your child’s brain positively to concentrate better.

Eventually, your little one will even become comfortable taking a book to read by himself!

“It’s been 18 months, and my child is still unable to speak.”

As a parent, this can be quite worrying! However, this just means that you are not stimulating the pathways of your child’s brain in the right way.

At the workshop, you’ll learn what you should be doing, so that your child can articulate his thoughts well.

“I’m worried that my child is not learning enough.”

You’ll discover how to boost your child’s learning capability, and even nurture him to be an interested reader who can understand by the age of 3...

...With simple activities that take less than 20 minutes each day!

If you’re concerned about these 3 common problems,

then you must attend the 'Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential' Workshop

to learn the correct ways of fixing these problems!

Learn How To Overcome These Common Problems That Most Parents Face!


A Final Note To You, From Patricia

Patricia Zoey Tan

Founder & Director

The Early Brain Academy

I’m a parent myself, so I know the amount of stress you might be going through to raise your child in the best way possible.

Today, parents send their children to tuition classes or enrichment programmes due to the fear of being left behind. What you might not realise is that these are reactive solutions, and WILL NOT truly inculcate and develop the habit of learning in your child.

At the 'Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential' workshop, you’ll learn the right ways to develop a healthy passion for learning in your child - which will lead to a stress-free & happy first 3 years.

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

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